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Zildjian Cymbals

Steve has been a Zildjian endorser for many years. Here is what he has to say about his cymbal setup:

"My main ride cymbal is the K Zildjian Renaissance, a 22” model designed by Zildjian’s Paul Francis and veteran jazz drummer Adam Nussbaum. The cymbal is thin with a nice “give,” plus clear stick definition with little build-up of overtones. My secondary ride, positioned to my left, is the 19” Armand Zildjian “Beautiful Baby” ride that comes with three sizzles. A third ride that I place to the right of the main ride is a 22” K Zildjian Complex II. My other favorite ride that I occasionally use is a 22” Hi Bell Dry, which Zildjian no longer makes.

When I need more of a rock sound I use a 20” A Platinum Ping ride and for some music I use a 20” K Flat Top as an additional ride.

For both jazz and rock I prefer very thin 18” crash cymbals. I am currently using two A 18” Thin Crashes, one on each side of my setup.

For my Hi Hats I’m using the new 14” New Beat Hi Hats, which are reminiscent of the Zildjian Hi Hats from the '60s.

Depending on the music, I have some other favorite cymbals that I may put up, a 22” A Swish Knocker or a 22” K Bounce ride. I’m also usually trying some new prototype cymbals that the good folks from Zildjian send to me from time to time!”

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