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Remo Heads

Steve Smith is a proud Remo endorser. Here is what Steve has to say about his Remo setup:

"Since 2009, I have set up my toms with Remo Clear CS "Black Dot" heads on the tops and bottoms. This the setup I saw Tony Williams use and I've always loved the sound. With this setup, I can have the toms tuned to warm, melodious tones, with a relatively short sustain. Before that, I used Clear Ambassadors on the tops and bottoms. In both cases, I had the bottom head tuned slightly higher than the top head.

In 2012, I had the idea to have Remo make me two new Powerstroke 3 bass drum heads: a Clear PS3 with a Black Dot and a White Coated PS3 with a Black Dot, the results of both heads are excellent! With the Clear PS3 with the Black Dot, I get the fat low end associated with the Powerstroke 3 head plus more attack, projection and durability. The Coated head with the Black Dot has even more low-end than the Clear head and the Black Dot gives me clarity of attack and added durability.

I use the PS3 Coated with the Black Dot in the studio. For live playing, I carry both the Clear and Coated PS3 Black Dot heads with me and use the head that sounds best in the room.

I set up all of my 14" snare drums with Clear Ambassador or Diplomats on the snare side (bottom) and a Fyberskin 3 Diplomat on the top. The Fyberskin 3 Diplomat gives the snare druma warm tone and is perfect for brush playing. On my 12" side snare, I use a white coated Ambassador on top."

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