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Vic Firth Products

When Vic Firth suggested that that Steve design a signature stick, he resisted the idea for a few months. He was extremely happy with the Vic Firth 5A model and couldn't conceive of improving it. When Vic wouldn't take no for an answer, Steve started to seriously think about a personal signature stick and decided that he wanted a stick based on the 5A, but with a new tip.

Steve always liked the Elvin Jones and Jack DeJohnette sticks that he bought from the NYC Professional Drum Shop in the 1970s - with elongated tips. Vic made Steve a few different sticks with the elongated tip and he discovered immediately that he liked the balance better than the 5A.

Suddenly the 5A felt heavy in the back and light in the front, and his new Steve Smith Signature model felt well balanced and just right. Steve and Vic Firth tried Maple and Hickory and Steve felt that Hickory had the best overall feel.

Steve has been very happy with the stick ever since. Even with Steve's technical developments, the Steve Smith Signature stick still feels right.

Steve also uses his Vic firth Tala Wands, which come in both Birch and Bamboo.

In 2001, when Steve started playing with drummers from India, he needed to blend his sounds with the very low volume of the Indian drums. He tried some "bundle" products that were on the market, but none of them felt good to play with.

By adding a "foam core" to the center of the stick, the feel and rebound improved immensely. He also adjusted the wrapping higher up toward the middle of the stick so it accommodated the balance point where Steve holds the stick.

When Steve wants to play light and fast, he uses the yellow Birch 12 model. When he wants to groove at a low volume, he uses the purple Bamboo 11 model.

Your Price:
$8.95 (plus S&H)

Vic Firth SPECIAL Steve Smith Signature Drumsticks with the Sonor 30th Anniversary Logo

Features an elongated tip with a long shoulder and short taper. It provides the feel of a 5A with the beef of a 5B.
L = 16", Dia.=.555"

Your Price:
$19.95 (plus S&H)

Vic Firth Tala Wands (bamboo)

The Steve Smith Tala Wands were conceived when Steve began playing with drummers from India and needed a way to blend with their sounds and be sensitive to lower volume levels. Other bundles worked as far as volume was concerned but they lacked the rebound he preferred. As a result, Steve helped develop two unique and tremendous tools now among the Vic Firth line of Rute and brushes:

The bamboo Tala Wand, with the purple handle, has a foam center surrounded with 11 bamboo dowels that are wrapped in thin PVC. The wands have great balance while naturally producing a lower volume with great rebound. The purple TW11 feels slightly smaller than the yellow TW12, yet the TW11 tends to have a little more weight because bamboo is heavier than birch. The bamboo is extremely durable. Steve uses this Tala Wand more for lower volume groove playing. 15-15/16" long, .585" diameter.

Your Price:
$19.95 (plus S&H)

Vic Firth Tala Wands (birch)

The birch Tala Wand, with the yellow handle, has a foam center surrounded with 12 birch dowels that are wrapped in thin PVC. This stick has outstanding rebound and sound. While the shaft of the yellow TW12 is thicker than the purple TW11, the weight of the 12 birch dowels on the TW12 actually has a lighter feel and helps create a lower volume than the bamboo Tala Wand. The 12 dowels have a very nice feel in your hands and the sound on the drums and cymbals has a lot of clarity and definition. Steve uses the TW12 for light and very detailed, fast playing. 16" long, .625" diameter.

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