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DW Bass Drum Pedals

Steve says "my main Bass Drum Pedal is the the DW 9000 Titanium double pedal, which was a limited production product. I also use a double pedal setup that I put together after years of experimentation: Since the late '80s I've used the DW double pedal with the nylon straps and the light footboards. But I’ve made a custom adjustment which is I use the 5000 Delta Chain pedal with the heavy footboard as my left pedal. The added weight of the heavier footboard and the double chain helps to give the left pedal an easy “swing.”

With both versions of my double pedals, I use the medium size DW felt beater and I have them lowered a bit so they swing smoother and I can play with a wide dynamic range. When the beaters are fully extended, it's harder from me to control them and play softly. I have the springs tensioned loosely. That way, the pedal feels light and follows the motion of my foot very easily.
Steve and DW have teamed up to create two great products for drummers:

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$49.95 (plus S&H)

DW Steve Smith Backstage Practice Pad

This Steve Smith creation by DW straps above a drummer's knee with a unique contoured design, a rubber playing surface, and comes with an adjustable quick-release nylon strap. This practice pad is perfect for matched or traditional grip. Here is the compact and convenient solution to loosen up and regain your chops backstage before your next gig.

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From $73.99 (plus S&H)

DW Steve Smith Backstage Kick Pad

The Backstage kick pad features heavy-Duty steel construction. It folds tight for transport and is fully adjustable.

Pedal not included.

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