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CD Signed by Steve
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$15 (plus S&H)


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Steve Smith and Vital Information NYC Edition
Heart of the City (CD)

Vital Information NYC Edition is back!

Steve Smith's band, whose lineage goes back more than 30 years, has released it's burning new album, "Heart of the City." It features 12 tunes performed by six amazing musicians: Baron Browne (bass and vocals), Mark Soskin (piano and Rhodes), Vinny Valentino (guitar), Andy Fusco (alto sax), and George Brooks (tenor and alto saxes).

All copies are signed and will be shipped immediately! And make sure to grab a copy of Vitalization plus Jazz Legacy 1 and 2 - each for just $10 PLUS a 10% discount when you purchase any two products in the store
1. Mr. P.C. 7. I Love You 
2. Rhythm-A-Ning 8. I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) 
3. Eight+Five 9. City Outskirts West
4. Bugalulu 10. Open Dialogue
5. Heart of the City 11. Charukeshi Express
6. City Outskirts East  12. Cherokee (Indian Love Song) 


CD Signed by Steve
(not personalized):

$15.00 (plus S&H) 

Vinyl Signed by Steve
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$22.00 (plus S&H) 

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Steve Smith and Vital Information NYC Edition
Viewpoint (CD or Vinyl!)

2015 Release

10 new tracks, including three drum solo pieces, plus two LIVE bonus tracks!

Viewpoint (BFM Jazz) is the new release from Steve Smith and Vital Information NYC Edition!

This band is the culmination of three of Steve Smith’s touring and recording bands known as Buddy’s Buddies, Jazz Legacy and Vital Information. Viewpoint features a combination of musical styles these groups have performed as well as three members from each of the bands.

The band features Steve Smith, Baron Browne on bass, Andy Fusco on alto saxophone, Mark Soskin on piano and Fender Rhodes, Vinnie Valentino on guitar and special guest Walt Weiskopf on tenor sax.

The CD features 10 new tunes, including three drum solo pieces and two bonus live tracks!


Steve has a limited number of vinyl copies available! Experience this beautiful recording on high-quality vinyl - and you still get a download version for your electronic device (including two bonus tracks!)

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CD + DVD Price:
$15.00 (plus S&H)

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LIVE! One Great Night
2012 Release
CD + DVD Package (filmed in B&W)
DVD includes all tracks plus a BONUS Track!

Live! One Great Night (BFM Jazz) captures Vital Information in its natural habitat: On stage in front of an enthusiastic audience of music lovers with the band in high gear, pulling out all the stops for the entire set.

This recording is a superb example of the creative development in Vital Information’s music. Most of the compositions on Live! One Great Night were originally recorded on the studio albums Come On In and Vitalization. If you compare the performances on this release to the original recordings, you will hear significant musical growth both individually and collectively.

Our music allows for individual expression and re-invention. Every night on the bandstand we want to surprise each other with new
ideas and in the process keep our audience “in the moment” with us.

On November 7, 2007 Vital Information was nearing the end of a year of extensive world touring. The band played a date at a small venue in Oregon, and we agreed to a webcast, which at the time was a novel idea. Five years later, as Vital Information approaches its 30th Anniversary, I was looking for some documentation of our various periods and I remembered that night in Oregon. After numerous emails and phone calls I was able to track down the recording of the concert. As a bonus we also found video footage of our webcast.

After listening to the performances I was thrilled to hear that the group played an exciting set, not studio “perfect,” but alive and spontaneous, with creative grooves, inspired interaction and expansive improvisation. I felt that including a DVD of the concert added an extra dimension to this package and while editing the video, we decided to add one more song to the DVD program.

I feel that Live! One Great Night is an insightful documentation of the group’s development. Our keyboardist, Tom Coster, has been in VI since 1986 and Baron Browne has been our bass player since 1998. Guitarist Vinny Valentino joined us in 2006 and had been playing with the group just over one year at the time of this recording.

The results of this collaboration are raw and exhilarating. This line-up of Vital Information has continued to play together and evolve over the last fi ve years. But, by going back and hearing this performance in the formative year of the quartet, it feels as though we’ve uncovered an unexpected gem.


- Steve Smith

Track Listing for the CD/DVD
1. Cat Walk  6. The Trouble With 
2. Time Tunnel  7. Interwoven Rhythms-Dialogue 
3. Interwoven Rhythms-Synchronous  8. The Closer 
4. Seven and a Half  9. Jimmy Jive 
5. Khanda West  10. Positano (bonus track on the DVD) 

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2009 Release
Must-have special remastered version with a bonus track and all-new liner notes!

Vital Information recorded live in 1989. Frank Gambale, guitar; Larry Grenadier, bass; Larry Schneider, sax; Tom Coster, keys, Steve Smith, drums; guest Tom Coster, Jr., keys.

"Vitalive!" is a documentation of a group that I had for a short time in the late 1980s - this configuration was the most "jazz" version of Vital Information to date. Joining long-time Vital Information members Tom Coster on keyboards and Frank Gambale on guitar, were a young 20 year-old Larry Grenadier on acoustic bass and the seasoned jazz veteran Larry Schneider on saxophone. With myself on drums the band coalesced into a unique "jazz/rock" unit with a sound that stands the test of time. Originally released on VeraBra/Intuition Records in Europe and Manhattan/Blue Note for the USA, Vitalive! has been out of print since the mid 90s. This new version has been re-mastered with a marked improvement in sound and includes an added a bonus-track that I found in the vaults."ť - Steve Smith, 2009
1. One Flight Up 7. Johnny Cat
2. Looks Bad, Feels Good 8. The Perfect Drive
3. Jave and a Nail 9. Island Holiday
4. What Lies Beyond 10. Europa
5. I Should Care 11. Mac Attack (alt. take)
6. Mac Attack  

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Steve Smith & Vital Information: Vitalization
2007 Release

Click here to open the preview page with extended and unedited liner notes.
1. Interwoven Rhythms - Synchronous 7. J Ben Jazz
2. Get Serious 8. You Know What I Mean
3. The Trouble With 9. Groove Time
4. The Bottom Line 10. The Closer
5. Seven and a Half 11. Jimmy Jive (for Jimmy Smith)
6. Interwoven Rhythms - Dialogue 12. Positano

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$15.00 (plus S&H)

Steve Smith & Vital Information: Come On In
2004 Release

With the jazz fusion quartet's 11th album, Come On In, Tom Coster, Frank Gambale, Baron Browne and Steve Smith serve up a veritable banquet of sounds, from slamming funk and syncopated second line grooves to seriously swinging, uptempo B-3 burners, South Indian Carnatic inspired jams and sizzling fuzoid romps.

Click here to open the preview page, with extended and unedited liner notes!

Click on the underlined titles to hear a sample of that song!
1. Time Tunnel 7. A Little Something
2. Come On In 8. From Naples to Heaven
3. Beneath the Surface 9. Baton Rouge
4. Cat Walk 10. Fine Line
5. Around the World 11. High Wire
6. Soho  

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$12.00 (plus S&H)

Steve Smith & Vital Information:
Live From Mars
2001 Release

This is a band bootleg usually available only at gigs. Frank Gambale, Tom Coster, Baron Browne, and Steve Smith recorded live during the 'Show 'Em Where You Live' tour at Mars Music in Somerville, MA. on November 18, 2000. The group burns through material from 'Show 'Em...' and more.
1. Mr. T.C. 5. Drum Improv
2. Swamp Stomp 6. Happy House
3. Cranial Jam 7. Soul Principle
4. Listen Up! 8. Over and Out!

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$15.00 (plus S&H)

Steve Smith & Vital Information:
Show 'Em Where You Live

2001 Release

A development on the direction established on Where We Come From. This album is very high energy, adventurous and “jazz-funk-fusion” oriented. Frank Gambale, Tom Coster, Baron Browne, and Steve Smith return with their unique blend of jazz fusion performing mostly original compositions, as well as their rendition of Jimmy Heath's 'Gingerbread Boy' and more.

Click here for liner notes and credits!

1. Cranial #1 Right Now 9. Sideways Blues
2. Mr. T.C. 10. The Blackhawk
3. Shagadelic Boogaloo 11. Cranial #4 Where We Live
4. Cranial #2 The Jinx 12. The Fire Still Burns (for Jimi)
5. Soul Principle 13. Cranial #5 Awaken the Hoodoo
6. Our Man in Louisiana 14. Cranial #6 Mata Hari
7. Cat and Mouse 15. Gingerbread Boy
8. Cranial #3 Azul 16. Cranial #7 Brake Failure

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$15.00 (plus S&H)

Steve Smith & Vital Information:
Live Around The World
Where We Come From Tour 1998-1999

2000 Release

This is a double-CD featuring Frank Gambale on guitar, Tom Coster on keys, Baron Browne on bass, and Steve Smith on drums. It was recorded live in Australia, Canada, Holland, and the U.S. during 1998/99. Fifteen live tracks and two new studio bonus tracks. Click here to read the liner notes!

1. Dr. Demento 9. It's a Jungle Out There (studio bonus track)
2. Moby Dick 10. The Drum Also Waltzes
3. Swamp Stomp 11. Take Eight
4. Cranial Jam 12. Listen Up!
5. Happy House 13. Europa
6. Fortaleza 14. Do You Read Me?
7. First Thing This Morning 15. Over and Out!
8. The Perfect Date 16. Mr. PC
  17. Soulful Drums (studio bonus track)

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$15.00 (plus S&H)

Steve Smith & Vital Information:
Where We Come From

1998 Release

A transition recording for Vital Information, the band re-invented itself with a rootsy amalgam which ran the stylistic gamut from James Brown funk to Meters/Booker T & The MGs soul to searing Tony Williams Lifetime-inspired fusion while making further allusions to jazz icons like Buddy Rich, Jimmy Smith, Wes Montgomery and Ornette Coleman along the way. Where We Come From won the Indie Award in 1998 for "Jazz Recording of the Year." The eighth release from Vital Information with Frank Gambale on guitar, Tom Coster on Hammond B-3, Jeff Andrews on bass, and Steve Smith on drums! Along with the groups original tunes, they cover Led Zeppelin's 'Moby Dick', Ornette Coleman's 'Happy House' and a previously unrecorded Jaco Pastorius composition 'Blow Fish Blues.'

Click here to read the liner notes!

1. Dr. Demento 9. Craniac Trilogy - Part 3: The Implant
2. Moby Dick 10. Bob
3. Craniac Trilogy-Part 1: Transport 11. Cranial Joy: Completion
4. Listen Up! 12. Happy House
5. Swamp Stomp 13. Cranial Meltdown: Dementia
6. Craniac Trilogy - Part 2: The Extraction 14. Blow Fish Blues
7. First Thing This Morning 15. Sitting Ducks
8. Take Eight 16. One in a Lifetime
  17. 008

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$15.00 (plus S&H)

Steve Smith & Vital Information:
Ray of Hope

1996 Release

Frank Gambale, guitar; Jeff Andrews, bass; Tom Coster, keys; Steve Smith, drums. The recording just before Vital Information made a transition into being more of a “Soul-Jazz” oriented group. Strong group compositions including Over and Out, Ray Of Hope and Clouds. Jeff Andrews shines on the Horace Silver tune Peace and his own composition Fit To Be Tied. In general, this recording is Vital Info’s “smoothest” sound.
1. Clouds 7. Ray of Hope
2. Celebrate Life 8. Maxed Out
3. Rio-Lize 9. All My Love, Always
4. Lorenzo's Soul 10. Peace
5. Sacred Treasure 11. Fit to be Tied
6. Sixth Sense 12. Over and Out!

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Steve Smith & Vital Information:
1984 Release

The second Vital Information album. Dean Brown and Eef Albers play some stunning guitar together on this fusion masterpiece. Dean Brown and Eef Albers, guitar; Dave Wilczewski, sax; Tim Landers, bass; and Steve Smith, drums.
1. Future Primitive 5. Blade
2. Thank You Mr. Edison 6. The Adventures of Hector and Jose
3. The Strut 7. Shadows Past
4. Orion 8. Blues to Bappe II

This title is currently
out of print.

Steve Smith & Vital Information
1983 Release

Solo debut of Steve Smith and Vital Information, recorded in 1983. Dean Brown and Mike Stern on guitars; Dave Wilczewski on sax; Tim Landers on bass; and Steve Smith on drums.
1. Looks Bad Feels Good
2. Questionable Arrivals
3. V.G.
4. Vital Information
5. All That Is
6. Stoughton to Stockholm
7. 13th Month
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