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Journey Greatest Hits Volume 2

The long-awaited sequel to the best-selling 1988 collection. As successful as Greatest Hits is, it's only a part of the Journey story. Several Top 40 and Top 20 singles were not included, as well as songs near and dear to principal songwriters Steve Perry, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain. For those who love the Greatest Hits and want more, Columbia/Legacy is proud to release Greatest Hits Volume 2.
1. Stone In Love 10. Feeling That Way 
2. After The Fall 11. Anytime 
3. Chain Reaction 12. Walks Like a Lady 
4. The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love) 13. Little Girl
5. Escape 14. Just The Same Way
6. Still They Ride 15. Patiently
7. Good Morning Girl  16. When I Think of You
8. Stay Awhile  17. Mother, Father (Live) 
9. Suzanne   

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Neil Zaza w/Ross Valory

For fans of Steve’s work with Journey, this album is an all instrumental melodic rock recording which Steve with Journey’s bass player Ross Valory. Stunning performances abound in this melodic instrumental album featuring guitarist Neil Zaza. Brilliantly supported by Ross, Steve and Timothy, this album will take you to an aggressive world of melodic content
1. I Spy 7. Rain
2. Lift 8. Every Though of You
3. Lost in Your Dream 9. Baking at 350 F
4. Zen, Karma and Other Good Things 10. Fargo
5. The Wonder of You 11. Angel
6. New, New Math 12. Definition
  13. Purple Rain

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Tony MacAlpine Edge of Insanity Billy Sheehan (Shrapnel)

Tony MacAlpine Edge of Insanity Billy Sheehan (Shrapnel)
Edge Of Insanity is the incredible neo-classical fusion album recorded with renowned bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Steve Smith, who combined with MacAlpine for a hot power trio. Edge Of Insanity is one of the most intense guitar-oriented albums ever recorded. MacAlpine's debut is a must-have recording for any serious collector of instrumental heavy rock.
1. Wheel of Fortune 7. The Taker
2. The Stranger 8. Chopin, Prelude 16, Opus 28
3. Quarter to Midnight 9. Edge of Insanity
4. Agrionia 10. The Raven
5. Empire in the Sky 11. No Place in Time
6. The Witch and the Priest  

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Modern Drummer Presents Drum Nation

Drum Nation Volume 1 features the Worldís Greatest Drummers performing with ensembles or solo. Terry Bozzio; Bill Bruford; Steve Smith and Zakir Hussain; Chad Wackerman; Stanton Moore; Simon Phillips; Josh Freese; Rod Morgenstein; Tim Alexander and Brain; Marco Minnemann; Stephen Perkins and Brooks Wackerman.
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