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Steve Smith Frank Gambale Stuart Hamm

GHS was an instrumental power trio featuring guitarist Frank Gambale, bassist Stuart Hamm and drummer Steve Smith.

These three gifted musicians recorded three albums together: "Show Me What You Can Do," "The Light Beyond," and "GH3."

Here are the liner notes that Steve Smith wrote for the release of The Best of GHS."

The jazz-rock-fusion trio GHS - with Frank Gambale on guitar, Stu Hamm and myself, Steve Smith, on drums - was one of Tone Center Records' hardest-hitting, high-energy groups. At a time when many labels were interested in promoting smooth jazz, GHS addressed the music fans that were being ignored: fans that wanted to hear angular melodies, gnarly tones, dense harmonies, intricate rhythms, daring improvisation and group interplay with a "more is more" credo! Taken from our three releases, Show Me What You Can Do, The Light Beyond and GHS3, The Best Of GHS offers some of our finest compositions and performances along with solo statements from each band member. Handle with care. - Steve Smith, 2009

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