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Korg Products

The Korg Wavedrum blurs the line between electronic and acoustic percussion.

This dynamic percussion synthesizer is intensely sensitive, capable of picking up each and every subtle finger action. It also works well with mallets and sticks. You'll hear percussion in unbelievable detail with Wavedrum.

Steve says: "Since 2010, I've incorporated a Korg Wavedrum into my setup. I find the instrument to be an inspiring addition to my sonic palette as it sparks many creative ideas and has many unique and usable sounds."

Play traditional rock percussion or experiment with rare and popular percussion sounds from all over the world. There are over 200 instruments inside, with room for 200 presets. Plug in your iPod and headphones to practice silently. Or plug Wavedrum into the PA for expressive performances.

Steve has made the Wavedrum an important part of his sound. Says Steve, “I saw the Wavedrum being demonstrated, and I was blown away! My favorite feature is the tabla sound on the Wavedrum. I use it with all of my bands both as a solo instrument and as an accompaniment instrument. I can tune the tabla sound and the sitar ‘drone’ sound to match the key of the song.”

Steve added, “The Korg Wavedrum is an exciting new instrument that gives drummers a creative voice to express themselves in ways not possible with the acoustic drum set. I find the instrument to be an inspiring addition to my sonic palette, and I’ve only begun to explore the potential of the Wavedrum."

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