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Order NOW! Heart of The City from Vital Information NYC Edition!

Vital Information NYC Edition is back!

Steve Smith's band, whose lineage goes back more than 30 years, has released it's burning new album, "Heart of the City." It features 12 tunes performed by six amazing musicians: Baron Browne (bass and vocals), Mark Soskin (piano and Rhodes), Vinny Valentino (guitar), Andy Fusco (alto sax), and George Brooks (tenor and alto saxes).

Click here to order the CD directly from Steve! All copies are signed and will be shipped immediately!

Also available in the iTunes store!

Zildjian #Instalessonz Live

Steve is taking part in Zildjian's #Instalessonz Live on Facebook: Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 3pm ET. Check it out on the Zildjian page! The video will be available here once it is complete.

Click the PDF link on the right to download a chart from the lesson!

Recent Videos!

Here are some recent videos from Steve Smith. Make sure to check out the YouTube page for tons of great content!

Smith vs. Smith

The beginning of this "drum battle" with myself was inspired by the album "Rich versus Roach." In my early teens, I'd listen to the album over and over and tried my best to play like Buddy and Max. As the drum battle starts, on the left side I'm playing in the intense, snare-drum-chops-oriented style of Buddy Rich. On the right side, I'm playing in the be-bop-melodic-lyrical style of Max Roach. As the duet progresses, I'm going for it on both sides and I end by playing some South Indian rhythmic compositions in unison. Having a drum battle/duet with myself was a fun way to conclude the Hudson Music "Drum Legacy: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" project. - Steve Smith

2020 Druntek Clinic Footage

In this clinic video, I am “playing the room,” which means being aware of the size of the space and playing at an appropriate overall level to have the drums sound full - but not too loud for the listeners. I’m demonstrating a wide range of overall dynamics plus inner dynamics, touch, and tone.

- Steve Smith

Thanks to Drumtek Australia, Sonor Drums, Zildjian, Remo, Vic Firth, DW pedals, Hudson Music, Cympad International, and PureSound Percussion.
Tom Coster, Jan Hammer, Steve Smith, Frank Gambale: NAMM Show 1991

The group perfomrs "Caught in the Act" by Walter Afanasieff.

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Journey Shows and Steve Smith Las Vegas Art Events!

Steve performed with Journey throughout the month of October at The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace! Additionally, Steve was at Carnavale Gallery at Caesar's on October 10, 17, and 24, discussing his new art collection through Scene Four!

Click here to learn more about Steve's art!

Steve Featured in VF Jams!

Steve is featured in the latest edition of VF Jams - music videos produced by Vic Firth that feature top drummers jamming with an incredible band!

In this edition, Steve performed the Vital Information tune "8 + 5," which was written by Steve, Baron Browne, and Vinny Valentino. This version was arranged by the great Robert "Sput" Searight. Check it out below!

Journey 2019 Tour Wrapup!

Steve and Journey played more than 60 shows all over the United States this summer! The band split most of its shows with Def Leppard, who put on an amazing show. Steve enjoyed seeing fans and also some old friends along the way!

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Steve's schedule is subject t change as the situation continues to develop. Follow updates on the tour page and on Steve's social media.

  Steve Smith and Vital Information NYC Edition
Los Angeles, CA
Catalina Jazz Club
Melbourne, Australia
Birds Basement
3.16 Northcote VIC Australia
Tokyo, Japan
3.24 Changsha, China
3.26 Beijing, China
3.27 Tianjin, China
3.29 Chongqing, China
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